Data delete from Roivenue

Option A: Using connector’s filter

Simple way how to delete data from Roivenue is by using connector’s filter.


Any dimension can be used here. Name must match the platform’s naming.

Use any non-existing string to filter out everything.

Set up StartDate and EndDate properly based on the date range you want delete the data for.

Save, afterwards run the connector and check whether the data are 0.


Option B: Using empty data file and Azure storage

You will need Azure explorer and notepad.

Find connector for which you want to delete data. In this connector, find name of output file in field Name, such as adWords-campaign-weekly.

Go to Azure explorer, roifiles file storage (credentials in dashlane), folder import, find client folder, find business unit folder.

Find correct platform folder. Note that both Google Analytics and Adwords are stored in ga folder.

Go to backup folder and find the correct output xml for your connector, referring to Name parameter from the connector query. Find one of the smaller xmls (to save time) and copy it to your disk.

Once copied, open in notepad. Look for row 26 and  element <Data>. Delete all rows after this element until </Data>, which is on second to last row of the xml (use ctrl+shift+end to select all rows until the end of the document and then unselect last two rows and delete). After this, you should have   




right next to each other.

Go to line 17 element DateFrom and set it to a date long time ago, f.e. year 2000.

Go to line 18 element DateTo and set it to a date far in future, f.e. year 2200.

Save the edited file.

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