Handover from Sales

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Process of onboarding a Roivenue client begins with client’s signature of contract. Do not take steps described in this manual before the client has done so and you have a confirmation from the sales department.

Outputs of the sales process are inputs for the onboarding process. These are the following:

  • Complete onboarding specification, including:
    • Edition of Roivenue to be implemented
    • No. of Business units
    • Platforms to connect per Business unit
    • Will we be connecting transaction feed?
    • Brief info about this client
    • Any specifics of this client, things which could be considered “out of the ordinary”. These can be put down in a note in the collab project
    • Is it via an agency? Should it be under their master account?
  • Created project in Active Collab for implementation
    • Check whether the client company has created entity within collab and that this entity is correctly assigned to the onboarding project
  • An estimate for the onboarding process, which has been sent to the client by sales
  • There is a property called Active Licence in Hubspot for each company. When this company becomes our client, Sales should switch Active Licence to 1. Verify if this has been done. When a client leaves, make sure to switch this back to 0.
  • Note: you can find contact info about the client in PipeDrive.

In case some of the points described are incomplete or missing, contact the sales representative which was responsible for this client.

If all the necessary info is obtained, compile an onboarding plan. The onboarding plan describes the hierarchy which needs to be implemented into Roivenue for all business units as follows:

  • Account [account currency]
    • Business Unit [business unit currency]
      • Platform

The onboarding plan must include all points described by the onboarding estimate.

Client should know what is going to happen during the onboarding, what is the timeline and what are the requirements from his side.

Preparation before first meeting

Before meeting the client for the first time it is good to have done as much of the work as possible. When this is achieved, total time needed for onboarding is greatly reduced. Therefore shortly after obtaining necessary info from sales, make first contact with the client – preferably a call.

During this call tell the client that at this first point, you will need access to all platforms the client has ordered. Following up on this call, send the client list of platforms you will be connecting and the way in which the client should share access to these platforms. Description of platforms for connection can be found: Platform connections as well as Credential matrix. Argument that if the more the client is able to send prior to the meeting, the faster the onboarding process is going to be.

Combining information from sales and the client, you should now be able to do the following:

Account creation

Connection of Data sources

As for mapping of traffic, do only the most common channels for each business unit, which are universal across accounts – Direct and Organic. This is done in order for the data load to follow through. All channels are to be mapped after consultation with the client, which happens during the training program.

If the client will be connecting the transaction feed, edit the transaction feed template in order to be client specific. The template can be found on sharepoint and all fields which should be edited are highlighted.

Outcome of this section:

  • If the client did not give us access:
    • created account and business units in Roivenue
    • Specification for transaction feed – send this to client before the meeting and ask them to give it to the person who will be responsible for compilation of the feed. This person should go through the material and attend the first meeting, where you can go through it one more time.
  • If client sent us access: previous point +:
    • Loaded data sources
    • Basic mapping  – loaded data is visible in performance monitor

Credential matrix

Access to platform account is necessary for its connection to Roivenue. There are several ways of obtaining this access, as described in the matrix below:

GAShare toconnections@roivenue.comAsk for view ID
Adwords – connected to GAShare toconnections@roivenue.comsame view ID as GA
Facebook Share manager to 411971595664996level analyst
SklikSend login for request  
HeurekaSend credentials Need turn on conversion tracking
CJ AffiliateSend credentials  
Zbozi.czSend credentials  
DognetSend credentials  
AdformSend credentials Need to authorize api access
CriteoSend credentials  
CeneoSend credentials  Manual

First meeting with client

Preferably, now you know a lot  about the client already – you went through their website and seen what is in their platforms. These platforms are connected to Roivenue and you can thus see where most of their marketing budget goes.

The first meeting is a crucial step in establishing your relationship with the client, so do your best to come prepared. Take time to learn about the client and the different stakeholders who will be attending the meeting.

This first meeting should be used to learn as much about the client as possible. The topics you can go through are described in document Situacni analyza, which can be found on sharepoint.

If the client will be connecting transaction feed, devote the second part of the meeting to discussion with the person responsible for the transaction feed. Go over the feed specification in detail, discuss every element. Delete optional elements which will not be exported. After the meeting, send the client final specification which describes only elements which will be included in the feed. Based on this specification edit the validation XSD file, which can be found also in sharepoint in folder orders. For more info on transaction feed, contact one of your colleagues in the IT department.In case you have already completed all points in the onboarding plan, this first meeting can already work as a handover session. See Handover to client

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